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BEI Industrial Encoder Division 制造旋转光电编码器,所有的实轴型和空心轴的增量式和绝对式编码器,产品可以广泛应用在工业自动化、高温环境、防爆场合等。


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外壳坚固,信能可靠的工业编码器,包括标准的 H25型和 H20型,HS35型和HS25空心轴和HS45空心轴,重负载H40型和防爆H38型。


*请注意: 文件 Notes and Tables PDF, 包括标准输出针的定义、电缆线颜色、输出IC特点总揽以及有效的分辨率, 已经包含在每一个单独的PDF文件中了,或者您也可以单独下载该文件 Notes and Tables PDF (2 pgs/124k)
*请注意: 文件 Absolute Encoder Options PDF (2 pgs/137k,包含了输出针的定义和操作信息)已经包含在每一个单独的PDF文件中了,您可以单独下载该文件。同样的情况还有文件 8-Bit Absolute Encoder Options PDF.

H25 Rotary Incremental Optical Express Encoder

 H25® 型增量式编码器
As the flagship of the BEl Industrial Encoder Division product line, the H25 is It is designed for the industrial machine tool marketplace.

PDF下载  增量式光电编码器 H25® 
(4 pgs/256k)

 H25® 型绝对式光电编码器
One of our most popular single-turn absolutes. Size 25 Rotary Absolutes at 13 bits or less Serial Output options are also available.

PDF下载   绝对式光电编码器 H25®
(3 pgs/213k)

Express Encoders  buy rotary incremental optical encoder H25 CAD DWF resources CAD DWF resources

H20 Rotary Incremental Optical Express Encoder

 H20® 型增量式编码器
The H20 is an all metal, extremely rugged encoder with heavy duty bearings and EMI shielding.

PDF下载  增量式光电编码器 H20®型(4 pgs/261k)   

rotary absolute optical encoder

 H25X 型绝对式光电编码器  offers single turn design for those applications that require 14 or 15 bits of resolution in a compact, easy-to-integrate package.

PDF下载  绝对式光电编码器 H25X
(4 pgs/521k)

Express Encoders  buy rotary incremental optical encoder H25 CAD DWF resources    

 HS35 型空心轴增量式编码器
The HS35 combines the rugged, heavy-duty features in a hollow-shaft style.

PDF下载  空心轴增量式光电编码器 HS35型 (4 pgs/102k)

 HS35 型空心轴绝对式编码器 
The HS35 is designed with various output options including Gray Code and Natural Binary and an IP65 environmental rating.

PDF下载   空心轴绝对式光电编码器 HS35型  (3 pgs/170k)

Express Encoders  buy rotary incremental optical encoder H25 CAD DWF resources CAD DWF resources

 HS45 型空心轴增量式编码器
The HS45 is a large bore, heavy-duty hollow-shaft encoder designed to operate in very demanding environments.

PDF下载 空心轴增量式光电编码器 HS45型   (4 pgs/283k)

explosion proof encoder

 H38 型绝对式防爆编码器
The H38 is explosion-proof and carries multiple ratings for hazardous environments.

PDF下载  绝对式防爆光电编码器 H38型
(6 pgs/445k)


HS25 Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder

 HS25 型空心轴增量式编码器
This low-profile design, just 2" deep, is easily mounted on a through shaft.

PDF下载 空心轴增量式光电编码器 HS25型    (4 pgs/251k)

 H40 型绝对式抗振编码器
The optics and electronics of the H40 encoder are supported in shock-absorbing material within the heavy cast outer housing.

PDF下载 A绝对式抗振光电编码器 H40型
(5 pgs/448k)

buy rotary incremental optical encoder H25 CAD DWF resources    

 L25 型增量式编码器
The L25 is a lighter duty version of BEl's H25 optical encoder with a low starting torque.

PDF下载 旋转增量式光电编码器 L25型
(5 pgs/353k)

 HMT25 型多转绝对式编码器
The HMT25 geared multi-turn encoder provides absolute position information over multiple turns of the input shaft, even during power loss.

PDF下载 多转绝对式光电编码器 HMT25型
(4 pgs/257k)

 E25 型增量式编码器
The E25 is a light duty encoder whose self-contained mounting and coupling features can result in reduced interface costs.

PDF下载 旋转增量式光电编码器 E25型
(5 pgs/363k)


 MT40 型多转绝对式编码器
available through the Precision Systems & Space Division


 H38 型增量式防爆光电编码器
The H38 is an explosion proof version of the field-proven H25 encoder series.

PDF下载  旋转增量式防爆光电编码器 H38型
(4 pgs/429k)


PDF下载  适配器

电机适配器是在安装编码器时与电机配套安装的NEMA附件,它的尺寸从 23到 56。所有的适配器都可以和编码器一起定购或者单独定购。

 H40 型增量式抗振光电编码器
The H40's ultra heavy-duty housing totally isolates the encoder from severe shock and shaft loading conditions.

PDF下载  旋转增量式抗振编码器 H40
(4 pgs/383k)

Available in two styles — Foot-mounted and Square Flange-mounted — with optional shaft configurations.

 HS22 型空心轴增量式编码器
The heavy-duty HS22 offers either through-shaft or blind-shaft configurations for installation to a servo motor.

PDF下载 空心轴增量式光电编码器 HS22型

耐温材料适配器 & NEMA 34/42
Thermoplastic material provides thermal and electrical isolation.

 L15 型增量式编码器
Ideal for space-limited applications, the L15 encoder discounts size without compromising performance.

PDF下载 增量式光电编码器 L15型
(1 pg/75k)

NEMA 23 法兰安装适配器


NEMA 56 适配器

轨迹球TRACKBALLS H20 Hub Shaft  带柔性安装
Provides a versatile, general purpose mounting that can readily accommodate shafts from 1/4" up to 5/8" in a compact package.


This compact panel-mount
trackball is designed to meet your exacting cursor control requirements while sustaining mechanical precision and longevity.

PDF下载  TBP138型轨迹球

5PY 适配器
This standard adapter can accommodate several encoder models.

The low-profile panel-mount trackball provides an ideal solution for highly precise control in a smaller package, with 200 counts per revolution.

PDF下载  TBS200型轨迹球


PDF下载  附件



This panel-mount or stand alone trackball provides accurate and reliable motion input to your system with a 2.25-inch ball and superior feel.

PDF下载 TBS225型轨迹球

This DIN rail-mountable power supply fits into small enclosures and offers a wide variety of input voltages, both AC and DC.

电缆线 为增量式编码器配套
Available in 100' and 500' reels for your own custom wiring requirements.

电气模块 PDF下载  电气模块    
DIN 导轨安装,本安型安全隔离栅、光电隔离器、抗振模块、编码器测试器。


电缆线  为增量式或绝对式编码器配套
These are high quality custom cables available in lengths from 10' to 50'.

This DIN rail mounted encoder interface lets you connect an encoder to a variety of controllers, or to multiple input devices, and is compatible with all major counter, drive and PLC components.

PDF下载 光电隔离器

Couplings are high performance, helical-cut beam style. They are made of aluminum and are iridite coated to resist chemical attack.

This Galvanically Isolated Intrinsic Safety Barrier is the perfect complement to BEI encoders for hazardous environments.

PDF下载  本安型安全隔离栅
(1 pg/76k)

配套接插件 为增量式或绝对式编码器配套
These have sealed conductors and either a bayonet push-and-turn shell or screw-on military style with solder cups on the back of the pins. The environmentally sealed backshell is waterproof.

This DIN rail mounted tester is designed to simply and reliably test the operation of any industrial encoder.

PDF下载  编码器测试器

These clamps are used with servo-style bearing housings to hold the face of the encoder against a mounting plate.

This module can solve the problem of extra counts caused by high vibration.

PDF下载  抗振模块

With a 12-inch circumference and aluminum hub, this measuring wheel attaches to a standard 3/8-inch shaft.
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For use with either HS25 or HS35 encoders, this cage is designed to protect hollow-shaft encoders from mechanical damage during handling and installation.

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